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Pros and Cons

Pro’s of in-home care:

  1. You or your family member(s) get to continue to live and enjoy your own home. Your care is generally being taken care of by a loved one or a home-care professional.
  2. In-home care can be a less expensive option
  3. The depression and helplessness that often happen seems to be more avoidable when a person gets to continue living in their own home.
  4. Familiar surroundings can help with dementia or Alzheimer’s if that happens to occur. Recognizing ones surroundings can help create a sense of control and an overall state of calm.
  5. Having more control over what you get to do from day to day offers a sense of freedom and independence.

Con’s of in-home care givers:

  1. It takes a little while to get to know and feel comfortable with the individual providing the care.
  2. If a family member is helping, they probably have many responsibilities outside of the home to tend to as well. In-home care by a family member may cause strained relationships.
  3. Price is always a factor. Some in-home care is very affordable while others can be quite costly.
  4. Sometimes homes are not equipped to handle changes in mobility needs and physical capabilities.
  5. If there is a medical emergency you will have to wait for responders to arrive.

Cons of assisted living:

  1. Adapting to a new environment may be a challenge.
  2. Cost is also a factor. Assisted living can also be expensive.
  3. It’s possible that after time and further health issues you may need to be transitioned for a third time into a nursing home.
  4. Some facilities only offer semi private rooms. Privacy may be something that is important to you in order to feel safe and comfortable. Sometimes a roommate is the only option and that can be a bit overwhelming for some.

Pros of assisted living:

  1. It might be nice to let go of home responsibilities such as home ownership, upkeep, and maintenance.
  2. There are always doctors and nurses on site in case of a medical emergency.
  3. It can be a lower cost depending on geographical location and individual needs.
  4. There are different levels of assistance available. This can allow for more independence.
  5. The social interaction seems to be the most desired. If a person wants to stay active assisted living usually offers classes like yoga, meditation, and dancing.