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Application Information

For Clients

At Around the Clock Home Services (ATC), we take our position very seriously and we will provide whatever is necessary for quality of life to each and every family member. Non-medical home care comes in many forms on all sides. So, we have trained professionals able to listen and really hear what our clients are saying. This way, we can offer first-class in-home care services for an affordable price.

An applicant to ATC can only be considered after a highly scrutinized list of expectations is met. We look at each applicant with this one question in mind, "Would we put this in-home caregiver in our own parents' home!?"

An applicant will be considered an ATC employee only after completing the following process:

All of our companion care and in-home nursing teams will strive to take the worry and concern from both patient as well as family members involved.

Completion of Application

Verification of License, Certification or Registration (as Appropriate for Profession)
Review of Resume/Work History, Prior/Current References
Administration of Self-Assessment Skills Checklist (Specific to the Area of Potential Assignment)
Administration and Passing of Skill Evaluation (Specific to Area of Potential Assignment)
Presentation of CPR, ACLS, etc., as Appropriate for Profession
Completion of ATC Self-Study Learning Modules and Post-Test Covering Mandatory OSHA and JCAHO Recommendations and Standards
Completion of ATC General Orientation
Completion of Client-Specific Orientation

Once an applicant has completed the above competency assessment, the enrollment process continues with the completion of forms geared to ensure the quality and reliability of our healthcare professionals.